Scratch & Dent Repair

If you are like most people who have a high-end automobile, or even a less expensive one that is in perfect shape, the one thing you worry about is someone opening a door on it, or hitting it in a parking lot and denting it. Everyone's nightmare is walking up to their beautiful car and seeing a big scratch or dent on their otherwise perfect looking car. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that your automobile will at some point or another get a scratch or dent and need repair.

The good news is, you don't have to worry about that anymore when you have Oliver's Auto Body to repair your automotive scratch and dent problems and do it quickly and easily. We can quickly and easily fix any minor or major scratches or dents on your automobile at a very reasonable rate. For smaller damage we can often use a special technique which removes the dent, but requires no paint afterwards and is very inexpensive. For more serious damage we use conventional body repair and painting techniques, but again, at very reasonable rates.

Conventional Scratch and Dent Repair

Of course when any dent, large or small, has creased the metal or broken the surface of the paint even the slightest, it is time for conventional scratch and dent repair.

We can easily fix any scratch or dent you have using the most modern, state-of-the-art repair techniques and the best factory-quality paint and materials available.

We will absolutely be able to restore your automobile to its pre-damaged condition and have it looking 100% original.

Small to Large Paintless Dent Removal

When it comes to small to medium sized dents and even some large ones where the damage has not creased the metal or broken the surface of the paint, Oliver's Auto Body can offer you a very inexpensive alternative to conventional body repair. Oliver's Auto Body specializes in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), which is a method of dent repair suitable for those annoying door dings, hail damage marks or minor bumper knocks that have not actually damaged the metal or paint, but have left an unsightly dent.

Paintless Dent Removal involves using specially designed rods and tools to gently massage and manipulate the body panel from behind the dent, so that the dent is perfectly reversed, while not damaging the paint at all. This takes great skill and patience but the end result, in the hands of a skilled and experienced PDR technician, is a flawless repair that can be done in a relatively short amount of time and with none of the expensive paint and other materials that would be used in a conventional body shop repair. This is good news for you the consumer, because the major benefit of using PDR is that it costs about one quarter to one third as much as using traditional body shop repair techniques.

We will always advise you when we feel the damage to your automobile can be repaired using Paintless Dent Removal, instead of the more expensive and time consuming conventional body shop repair techniques of filling and sanding and re-painting. This brings up the other obvious benefits of using PDR whenever possible and that is the environmental impact of the repair. With PDR there is no sanding and dust in the air and no paint or harsh chemicals are ever used in the repair. PDR is a 100% environmentally friendly repair technique. Another major benefit to PDR is that the metal has been massaged back to its natural shape, instead of filled and then sanded down. This means there is never a chance of the filler shrinking or cracking and the dent coming back later, as can happen with some body repair shops.

Although it may sound simple, PDR is an art that requires skill and experience in order to reverse the damage to the metal, without leaving any residual creasing or paint damage. Modern factory automobile paint is actually very flexible, which allows a skilled PDR tech to come in from behind a dent and manipulate the shape of the dent to the exact condition it was in before it was damaged. The fact that the paint is so flexible is what allows us to do this with such precision and not have the paint job disturbed in any way. The paint flexes with the metal it has coated and does not crack, chip or break when the metal is massaged back to its original shape. Our technicians are true masters of this art and you'll probably be surprised just what they can fix with PDR.