Collision Repair

Being involved in an accident or having major damage done to your automobile is always an extremely stressful and can even be an emotional situation. At Oliver's Auto Body we are here to help make the stress of major and minor auto collision damage repair as easy and as stress-free as possible.

We are a fully equipped collision damage repair facility and we can quickly and professionally handle any damage that has been done to your automobile. In over 25-years of experience in automotive body repair, we have seen it all. When it comes to auto collision repair you can be assured that unless your car is considered a total loss by the insurance company, we will be able to restore it to brand new looking condition, no matter how bad the damage was.

The Auto Collision Damage Repair Process

If your automobile has been damaged we are here to restore your car to its original condition and help get you back on the road again as smoothly as possible. If your car has been damaged to a point that it is not drivable, we will pick it up and tow it in to our shop for you. If it is still drivable, just bring it in and we will be glad to look it over, give you an estimate and get started.

We start the repair process by looking over your car from bumper to bumper and carefully documenting every aspect of the damage. We then prepare a repair estimate and will sit down with you and consult with you on your insurance coverage and help you submit your claim. At this point you have a complete estimate that will never have any surprises added to it and your insurance company has the claim.

After that our skilled and dedicated repair technicians will begin the repair of your automobile. We are sincerely committed to putting our very best quality and workmanship into every repair we do. We know our reputation is only as good as the last repair job we did, so we make sure every job is done right the very first time. We will have your automobile repaired and back to you as quickly as possible and in like new condition.

During the repair process we can provide transportation to your work or home from our shop and we can also pick you up when your automobile is ready if needed.

Precision Repair Equipment

Oliver's Auto Body is one of the most state-of-the-art auto repair shops in Melbourne and Brevard County. We are very proud to be one of the few shops to have a Spanesi 'Touch' electronic measuring system to help us map out the repair of your car to exact factory specifications. Spanesi is an Italian collision equipment manufacturer that has been highly sought after in Europe for over 45 years and is one of the leading collision repair equipment manufacturers in the world.

Spanesi's "Touch" machine is a highly sophisticated and accurate computerized measuring machine that allows us to precisely obtain before, during and after measurements of hundreds of specific points on your car. This process is done in order to map out each point that needs to be fixed in the repair process and then make sure every point measured is repaired to factory specifications.

With manufacturer's diagrams of over 5,500 vehicles in its database the "Touch" machine makes it easy to make precision repairs by measuring and re-measuring each point until the repair checks out as OK against the computers diagram. This gives you a certified record of the repair to document that it was done to exacting factory specifications.

Finally, by using the "Touch" machine, we are able to give extremely accurate repair estimate ahead of time and schedule parts and the repair process in the most efficient way to cut down on repair time and the related costs.

Parts and Paint Used In Our Collision Repairs

In any and all repairs we do, all the parts we use meet or exceed OEM and manufacturers specifications and many times we will order parts directly from the dealership to ensure the highest quality parts and repair. The only paint we use is high quality Sikkens brand paint, manufactured by AkzoNobel, one of the leading suppliers of high-end vehicle repair materials and services in the world. Sikkens auto paint was developed in partnership with McLaren, which shows you the quality of this paint. Another big reason we chose Sikkens paint, is that it requires fewer coats than other auto paints, meaning that vehicles can be painted faster and therefore at somewhat less cost. The decreased amount of paint needed also makes this a more environmentally friendly way to paint cars.