Auto Painting

Oliver's Auto Body understands that the importance of a high quality paint job cannot be underestimated. The right paint brand, in the right color and when applied the right way, can truly transform the way a car looks, whether repairing damage to the paint or getting a complete new paint job.

Details such as paint brand may seem minor, but they can make a massive difference to the way your car looks. Oliver's Auto Body's skilled paint shop technicians understand all of this, so you can be assured that your car's paint job will be done right, the first time and with only the highest factory-quality paints.

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High Quality Auto Painting for the Melbourne and Brevard County Auto Community

Oliver's Auto Body uses only the highest quality Sikkens brand paint. We choose Sikkens paints as we believe that it is the highest quality auto paint available. Sikkens brand paint is manufactured by AkzoNobel, an international company that is one of the leading suppliers of vehicle repair materials and services.

Sikkens auto paint was developed in partnership with McLaren; a fact that further underscores the quality of this paint. A unique feature of Sikkens paint is that it requires fewer coats than other auto paints, meaning that vehicles can be painted faster and be returned to you the customer in record time. The decreased amount of paint needed also makes this a more environmentally friendly way to paint cars; just one more benefit of these high quality Sikkens paints.

Paint Touch-Ups Repair Paint Damage and Scratches

Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your car, it is almost inevitable that at some point it will be scratched, often through no fault of your own. This is equally upsetting whether you have a new car or one that is older but very well taken care of.

In the past, it was necessary to either live with these unsightly scratches or try to repair them by matching the paint color as closely as possible, sometimes leaving an obvious touch-up mark. However, modern advancements in technology mean that it is now possible to repair damaged paint with new paint that is so perfectly color-matched that the repair blends virtually seamlessly with the existing paint and no one would ever know that it has been damaged and repaired.

Oliver's Auto Body employs highly trained and skilled auto paint technicians who use powerful tools to measure the color of the existing paint and then replicate it exactly. A device held against the car's paint precisely documents the exact color so that computer software can be used to select the perfect base coat and following paint blend to exactly replicate your vehicle's color.

This process is so accurate that you would never know the car had ever been damaged; it will be returned to you in showroom condition and you won't see any unsightly marks or blemishes betraying the fact that it has been repaired. At Oliver's Auto Body, we are so confident you will be satisfied that we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all paint, materials and labor for paint services.

Complete, Bumper-to-Bumper Paint Jobs Restore Showroom Condition to Older Cars

Unfortunately, sometimes just touching up scratches isn't enough. No matter how well you look after a car, as it becomes older the paint will start to fade and crack, and scratches and other minor damage accumulate. This is particularly true in coastal Florida, where the strong sunlight and sea air can quickly begin to erode and damage a vehicle's paint. You may have a car that is in perfect shape in terms of the body, but the deteriorating paint will detract from both its appearance and its value and show everyone the car's real age.

However, there is one way to completely fix this problem and restore your older car to showroom condition, and that is to have a complete, bumper-to-bumper paint job. A complete coat of new paint will transform the look of your vehicle, instantly bringing it up to date. A new paint job by Oliver's Auto Body will match the factory paint exactly and can make your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor, making it sure to impress everyone who sees it.

Complete paint jobs are also a crucial part of any car restoration project. No matter how much work has gone into the mechanical, interior and body work, unless a classic car has a great paint job, it will not fetch maximum value when sold, or impress much at car shows. There is a reason that paint jobs are one of the major expenses of a restoration project – high quality paint applied by skilled technicians and using the best methods and equipment, make an incredible difference to the look of a car. It is truly worth the expenditure, as the cost will be recouped when the car attracts the attention of buyers and sells for its true value.

Oliver's Auto Body uses two side-draft heated paint booths to quickly and precisely apply paint to all surfaces of a car's body. The heated booths allow us to control the temperature so that it is the exact temperature required for a perfect coat of paint. Combined with industry-leading Sikkens brand paint, this ensures that everything is painted to the highest quality in the minimum amount of time. We are also very environmentally-conscious and always take steps to ensure the best practices to minimize our impact on our environment.

We can perform a complete paint job on any make or model of car, from classic cars to modern cars that have begun to show their age. We can paint in any color and guarantee your satisfaction with our limited lifetime warranty on paint, materials and labor for all auto paint jobs.